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laser diode

visible laser diodes HD series



Applications and advantages

The EUROLASE HD and LD series laser diodes, adapted to the industrial stringent environments, are used to trace a line, a point or a cross, visible even at the light of day. The optics that radiate a high quality beam may be manually focalized according to the application and the required distance. The line position will be maintain during the focalization.


An IP67 stainless steel cabinet, very strong, protects the laser diode, the optical elements and the electronic circuits. Besides, the laser diode is galvanically separated from the power supply, being, like that, protected from possible current variations. The various EUROLASE laser diodes range of models can be used with all the low tension power supply standard networks.

  Technical data
Laser diode 635 nm
Divergence 0,5 mrad
Output beam diameter 5 x 2 mm
Adjustable focalization 30 mm à ∞
Power supply 12 - 30 VDC
1,5 W
IP 67
Operation temperature
- 10 à + 40 °C
Mean life < 100 000 houres
Dimensions with connector L 167 x Diam. 25 mm
Line opening angle
Optical point
1 mW 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
3 mW 2 2 2M 2M 2M 2 3R
5 mW 2 2M 2M 2M 3R 2 3R
10 mW 2M 2M 2M 3R 3R 2M 3B
15 mW 2M 3R 3R 3R 3R 2M 3B
30 mW 2M 3R 3R 3R 3R 2M 3B
Line optical ref.
Line lenght
Cross optical ref.
Point optical ref.
1 mW 1 HDL 1m 1 HDX 1 HDP
3 mW 3 HDL 2m 3 HDX 3 HDP
5 mW 5 HDL 4m 5 HDX 5 HDP
10 mW 10 HDL 6m 10 HDX 10 HDP
15 mW 15 HDL 10m 15 HDX 15 HDP
30 mW 30 HDL 20m 30 HDL 30 HDP
  P* : point version
L** : line version, line length obtained with optics 75 degrees
X : cross version if asked


  • Standard Supports B2-HD or B2-LD types

  • Supports with 4 axles adjustments B3-HD or B3-L types

  • With stainless steel protection for external or stringent environments including, (cooled version as an option) :

  • Protection cabinet BX-HD type

  • Adjustment feet for BX-HD type PX-HD

  • Protection cover for BX-HD type BOX-HD

  • Power supply cabinet 230 V AC / 24 V DC - 1A type CP-HD

  • Cable with plug for transformer 230 V AC / 24 V DC type STN-HD

  • Cable with plug for transformer 230 V AC / 5 V DC type STN-LD

  • Cross optics type LX

  • 75° standard line optics, others if asked

laser diodes stainless steel protection kit laser diodes accessories
Stainless steel protection kit
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