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Dimetix telemeter DLS-C  

DLS-C distancemeter from Dimetix : for industrial measurement with laser telemeter


Introduction :

The range of laser distancemètres DLS-C is the new generation of powerful and robust sensors designed to meet the requirements of industrial measurement.


Associated with many electrical and mechanical accessories, they provide a complete and specific solution to various industries such as metallurgy, applications of wood, paper and storage.


Performance and economic, these laser sensors provide a professional response for professionals !

Dimetix DLS-C telemeter industrial measurement with DLS-C telemeter measure of distance with DLS-C laser telemeter

Technical data :

  • Range : on natural surface up to 65 m, on refector 150 m

  • Accuracy : +/- 1.5 mm à +/- 3 mm (depend the modell of laser)

  • Smallest unit display : 0,1 mm

  • P/S : 9-30 VDC / 24-30VDC (Heated version)

  • Serial Interface : RS 232 C et RS 422 A

  • Programmable analog output 0-4…20mA

  • Interface BUS (via additional converter) : Profibus DP (V0-V1-L)

  • 2 Programmable digital outputs DO1 et DO2

  • 1 Programmable digital input DI1

  • Protocol ASCII codes

  • Connection sub-d

  • Protection IP65 IEC 60529

  • 4 Led of status

  • working temperatur : -10°C + 50°C

  • Diameter of laser spot: 4mm à 5m, 28mm à 50m

  • Time for measurement: 150ms à 4 s fct de la cible

  • Optionnal inter Heater (jusqu’à –40°C)

  • Laser Class II (<0.95mW) IEC 60825-1 : 2001

  • Laser rouge 620-690nm

DLS-C 15
DLS-C 30 DLS-CH 15* DLS-CH 30*
+/- 1,5 mm +/- 3 mm +/- 1,5 mm +/- 3mm
ELD 1710.01 ELD 1710.02 ELD 1710.03 ELD 1710.04

*Version with internal heater

Ref. : ELD 1710.XX

Many accessories :

protection cover for DLS-C laser telemeter Bus liaison for DLS-C telemeter cooling system for industrial measure Dimetix connecting cable reflector for DLS-C laser mesure of distance


BUS Liaison
Cooling system
Connecting cable
  Dimensions :
  Dimension distancemètre DLS Dimetix
Download :
Measurement laser sensor datasheet >> Distancemeter DLS-C datasheet in pdf format
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