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Dimetix telemeter DLS-C  

FLS-C distancemeter from Dimetix : for industrial measurement with laser telemeter


Introduction :

"FLS-C" for Fast Laser Sensor.
One of the most remarkable performances on industrial distancemeters market.
The new FLS-C laser provides not only more accuracy but also a measurement rate, which will meet requirements of any dynamic application needing both accuracy (+/1mm*) and rapidity (50ms*/measure).
The quality of engineering of this sensor is the same as the whole range of Eurolase. This new sensor is undoubtedly the solution for industrial needs, with high level demands concerning measurement rate and accuracy, either on natural material or on reflector (up to 500m*), indoor or outdoor.
Its new SSI interface together with the previous ones (analog, RS 422, RS 232, field Bus) ensure compatibility with the major portion of industrial PLCs.

*Performances achieved with the most favourable conditions.

télémètre laser Dimetix distancemètre Dimetix DLS-B mesure industrielle
télémètre laser Dimetix distancemètre Dimetix DLS-B

Technical data :

  • Measuring range : up to 65 m on natural material, up to 500 m on reflector

  • Accuracy : +/- 1 mm à +/- 3 mm (depending on model)

  • Smallest unit display : 0,1 mm

  • Power supply : 9-30 VDC / 24-30VDC (Heated version)

  • Serial Interface : RS 232, RS422 and SSI

  • Programmable analog output 0-4…20mA

  • Interface BUS (via additional converter) : Profibus DP (V0-V1-L)

  • 2 Programmable digital outputs DO1 et DO2

  • 1 Programmable digital input DI1

  • Protocol ASCII codes

  • D-Sub connector

  • IP65 protection (IEC 60529)

  • 4 Leds of status

  • working temperature : -10°C + 50°C

  • Diameter of laser spot: 4mm at 5m, 15mm at 30m

  • Time for measurement : 50ms to 4s (depending on target)

  • Optionnal internal Heater (operating down to –40°C)

  • Laser Class II (<0.95mW) IEC 60825-1 : 2007

  • Laser rouge 620-690nm

FLS-C 10
FLS-C 30 FLS-CH 10* FLS-CH 30*
+/- 1 mm +/- 3 mm +/- 1 mm +/- 3mm
ELD 1720.01 ELD 1720.02 ELD 1720.03 ELD 1720.04

*Version with internal heater

Ref. : ELD 1720.XX

Many accessories :

protection cover for DLS-C laser telemeter Bus liaison for DLS-C telemeter cooling system for industrial measure Dimetix connecting cable reflector for DLS-C laser mesure of distance


BUS Liaison
Cooling system
Connecting cable
  Dimensions :
  Dimension distancemètre DLS Dimetix
Download :
Measurement laser sensor datasheet >> Distancemeter FLS-C datasheet in pdf format
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