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overspeed monitoring system

overspeed monitoring system OS-22


Introduction :

The OS-22 sensor is an autonomous safety and redundant equipment able to pilot the emergency stop of cable lifting devices in case of anomalies that are in many cases the source of serious personal injuries and material damages.

The OS-22 sensor, using adapted relays, is able to directly act on the emergency stop breaks in case of serious fault (overspeed), or on the automatisms in case of dysfunction that does not need an immediate reaction.
The OS-22 sensor, besides, ensures the visualization of the hoist status, the history file of the detected fault events, as well as the monitoring of the load stop conditions (stop time and distance, speed profile).

overspeed alert overspeed control overspeed sensor

Operation principle :

The motor and drum encoders pulses (existing or added) are interpreted in real time using both OS-22 sensor microprocessors.


OS-22, a simple and efficient tool, designed by lifting operation professionals, transmutes all the dysfunctions and anomalies using contacts relays which can command the emergency breaks or display alarms.


Performances :

Redundant Overspeed Monitoring (SV1 and SV2 faults)
- 2 independent, redundant and quick monitoring circuits (15ms)
Overhead crane operation anomalies monitoring (DS, DD, DIF faults)

- Drums and motors static turning back
- Dynamic turning back
- Differential speed between drums and motors and between the own drums
Permanent self-monitoring (SYS fault)


List of the faults controlled by the sensor OS-22 :

- Overspeed fault
- Movement rotation discordance fault (static turning back)
- Movement fault on stop position (static turning back)
- Differential speed fault
- Abnormal motor operation fault
- Top tour sensor fault
- Zero speed fault (V=0)
- Commands coherence fault
- Consumption fault of the drum sensors
- Power supply fault


Braking :

Besides its various benefits, the OS-22 sensor memorizes the hoists braking curves.

breaking curve
  Dimensions :
  overspeed monitoring system OS-22 dimensions
Download :
pdf overspeed monitoring system OS-22 >> Overspeed monitoring system OS-22 datasheet in pdf format
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