EUROLASE offers positioning and identification systems for machines or moveable appliances for the industry.
The used technologies are magnetic, RFID, and laser type.
The sensors designed and produced by EUROLASE guarantee reliable alternatives for machines automation gathering the positioning, identification and data transmissions necessities.


Applications :

  • Slab positioning at reheating furnaces charging and discharging sides,

  • Levels measurements

  • Coils measurements

  • Discharging of bars on furnaces,

  • Stocks management on coils and slabs yards,

  • Positioning and identification for coke machines,

  • Anti-collision of moveable machines using laser and RFID technologies,

  • Location of overhead cranes and cars

discover our porducts : laser telemeter for positioning and anticollision between crane, identification of coke oven, coke guide machine, charging car, pusher car and quenching machine